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Now that's the bash command I was not looking for... 😲

$ neofetch

Unfollow mastodon (AP) account ?

Hello !Friendica Support

A system notice said that is not possible to unfollow a mastodon (AP) user.

So currently the only way I can prevent posts arriving from this person is blocking them? Is that right?

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Does the "unfollow" button not work?
It’s possible, we haven’t implemented the background retries for the remote server API failures, so unfollowing is aborted when it fails.
Not sure what's going on.

After I saw the notice that unfollowing is not supported, I blocked this maston user.

Now I unblocked the user and they entirely disappeared from my contacts! So it looks like I was enable to block someone I don't follow.

I just managed to successfully unfollow another maston account without any problems though.
You can block people you have no relationship with yet, it will prevent them from following you and you from seeing their tweets boosted by your contacts or their replies on conversations by your contacts.
@Michael Vogel @Friendica Support @Andy H3 Could you check also enable/disable "get notifications from user" via API? I'm using #tusky

Fantastic. Sharing.

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How to manage Linux Bash history

BASH (Bourne Again SHell) is the default shell in practically all Linux-based operating systems. All the commands we write in the terminal are interpreted by the shell, and become part of its history. In this tutorial, we see where the shell history is saved, and how to manage it using the “history” built-in command and some environment variables.

The tutorial covers where and how the history is saved, how to modify history behaviour via environmental variables, etc. So it is not the normal “how to use history” guides, but it is worth just mentioning, if you want to repeat a command by its number, you can quickly use !13 for the line numbered 13.


#technology #linux #opensource #bash #cli
#Blog, ##cli, ##linux, ##opensource, ##technology

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The danger of the clowns - We are sliding towards dictatorship 👇

The Government Just Took Away YOUR FREEDOM @GeorgeMonbiot…

The danger of the clowns - We are sliding towards dictatorship 👇

The Government Just Took Away YOUR FREEDOM @GeorgeMonbiot…


BREAKING: Julian Assange can be extradited to the US, court rules.

Democracy Dies in the Sunlight

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if i wanted to tackle drug use i'd simply create a society where people didn't feel a desperate need to numb themselves to survive

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That would be the best approach. It wouldn't eliminate it... But it would deal with the vast majority of it.
Iceland has done this to some extent, by using public funding to provide activities for young people that are more enjoyable than drugs use (which works out cheaper than spending the same public money to treat them after they become addicted and/or get into crime)
Yeah, I think there's been a few attempts at doing the "make the world not suck". It almost always works out to be way cheaper than treating it. Often ends up with a significant "increase in productivity" and almost always a significant positive impact on quality of life. Unfortunately... It's not always seen to be good and ends up getting taken away by the "law enforcement" type people.
Summed up nicely 👉 here... 👈

A country run by crack heads! 😥

Johnson now impersonating a police officer. That's an imprisonable offence!


The World's End


As all the environment correspondents are sick with COVID, reporter Jonathan Pie gets sent to the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (aka COP26) despite knowing very little about the climate crisis. But he reckons he can wing it.

Two embarrassing interviews with Ed Miliband and Caroline Lucas later, he bumps into an inebriated George Monbiot drowning his sorrows at The World's End pub. Six pints later, Pie now fully understands the urgency of the existential crisis facing humanity, and, to the horror of his long-suffering Producer Tim, he decides to convey his new-found knowledge live to the nation.

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Late-stage capitalism will see you now.
Police protect a boarded-up Louis Vuitton store as people walk by with masks covering just their mouths.

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Friendica 2021.12 Release Candidate available

Any takers? Nope!

A fast-track visa scheme launched by the home secretary Priti Patel in May to entice Nobel laureates and similarly prestigious prize-winners to the UK has resulted in no applications in six months, it has been revealed

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Why? Brexit....
Why? Brexit....

Yes, Brexit is a major factor for this.
Other factor may include a lower quality of life due to failing infrastructures, an increasing hostility against foreigners orchestrated by the state, and a general decline of universities caused by reckless governmental policies on higher eduction.
Although I really enjoyed my stays in the UK I have to say that after Brexit I am not interested to go there anymore.

Maps like this are pure phantasy!

At best they are wish fulfillment, at worst they are deceptive by masking a serious global problem.

According to this map 👇 , I'm living in a tropical rainforest. In reality, it's a concrete jungle. The nearest small patch of land that resembles a remanence of a rainforest is about 200 km away.

All that's left on this earth are disconnected tiny fragments of real forest. Most of the space has been turned into some form of partially cultivated anthropogenic wasteland.

A bit like the Fediverse... enhanced actual reality... with humans to connect with. 🤗

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Homo Purgamentum…

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Authorised by the Department for Blah blah, blah.

Firefox and Friendica

Hello !Friendica Support

Since upgrading to Firefox 94.0, I've experienced a range of issue with Friendica. Everything works fine with other browsers, but with Firefox I cannot Quote share, delete local posts, and attach pictures to posts.

I reviewed my settings and disabled addons, but nothing seems to make a difference.

Is anyone else experiencing this or could give me an idea what to look out for?


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I'll check that. Thanks Hoergen!
Thanks very much @hoergen, it worked! It was the "Enhanced Tracking Protecting" that disabled Friendica.

Support: Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop

Ahh... the olden days before plastic packaging.


Michael Heseltine tells an audience in Nottingham tonight that they should they should never give up trying restore Britain's position in the European corridors of power...and says it's the young generation who will push for a reversal of Brexit. @politicseastmid @BBCPolitics

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I'm convinced this is not a spoof account, but a twitter account actually run by my dean. 🤦

My meetings aren’t keeping you from your work, my meetings are your work!

@Andy H3 I'm amazed how many people seem to value meetings that can easily be updated with an email.
@JB Carroll , you took the words right out of my mouth!

We've seen it all. A useless two hour meeting, where an insecure "leader" rambles on in a one-way conversation, instead of a succinct announcement via email... Particularly annoying where input from the team is not wished for or needed.

It's a sign of mismanagement and dysfunctional organizations.
John Cleese from "Meetings Bloody Meetings":

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"Vocabulary spreads at a speed of roughly 1km per year" was a sentence I read today, and god is that a *finding*.

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The source is in Japanese, and fuck me do I wish I had stuck to learning Japanese now.

But the basic idea is, dialectal features from the periphery of Tokyo metropolitan area are travelling along the railways, advancing from community to community, covering roughly 1km in a given year.

Then when these features hit mainstream TV, they spread to the whole of Japan.

Which is like, Real Good Sociolinguistics.
There's something similar happening in the US, but it's divided along political lines.

Non-Southern rural accents are disappearing in the US, being replaced by Southern rural accents.

Your yearly reminder on how this clock stuff works.

enter image description here

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Hello !Friendica Admins

Today I learned a new German word: "Datensparsamkeit". It means something like data prudence. (Thanks Hoergen!)

The size of my node's database has steadily increased over the last four weeks, with a further sharp rise over the last few days.

The overall increase is about 40 per cent [40%!!] over four weeks. See the two graphs here: 👇

There haven't been any major changes to the usage of my system. Friendica configurations as shown below haven't been altered either (although I increased the mysql IB logfile setting). I updated to the 2021.09 release about about four weeks ago.

What's going on? How to interpret this increase in the DB's size?

User/ usage:
1 new users (30d)
7 active users (30d)
11 new statuses (30d)

Lifespan of remote items: 90
Lifespan of unclaimed items: 60
Lifespan of raw conversation data: 30

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So I run mysqloptimize and got some minor gains; about 2G reduction.

Interestingly, optimising requires quite some addition space during the process.

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InnoDB tables are recreated (data is copied to a temporary file) when running mysqloptimize.

Says it all...
Top comment at the Grauniad:

One hundred years since the British government came up with a temporary political fudge to avoid the prolonging of a nasty little war that flared just after an even nastier larger war. A true 'kick the can down the road' moment. Here we are one hundred years and much pain and suffering later and it still exists. Hardly something to celebrate.

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Friendica - A Decentralized Federated Open-Source Social Network That You Can Self-Host

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Thank you for your work! The Twitter integration is indeed very nice, and the native RSS/Atom feed reader feature is also pretty handy!

Results from Server Setup Survey

Hello !Friendica Admins

Here are the results from the survey that was posted awhile ago in this Forum.


The survey collected information from approximately five per cent of all known Friendica nodes.

More than half of the participating nodes had less than ten active users, while the remaining nodes had either a mid or high-range number of active users.

It was found that:

- Almost all nodes either use Apache or Nginx web servers,
- Most nodes use PHP via FastCGI,
- All nodes use PHP version 7, mainly 7.4,
- Most nodes do not rely on a reverse proxy,
- Most nodes are hosted in a data centre,
- Nodes hosted at home have less than 10 users.

Overall no correlations were established between types of web servers, PHP setup, hosting, and the number of active users, except for home server hosting and a low number of users.

You can download the full report here:

The raw data (sanitised and furthers anonymised) is available here:

Many thanks to all admins who participated in this survey!
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Here's your masterclass template...

I'm glad the Fediverse doesn't work like this.

I tweet. Then I screenshot the tweet to post it onto Instagram and call that marketing.

Yes, the entire Fediverse will profit from this!

Hang on. Does PHP support OCR natively to get my screen-reader working with those pixies?

Ups. Sorry for being such a killjoy. 😲
I’m afraid even OCR can’t help with the pixies.

On which continent is the #fediverse most prominent?

Check it out 👇

Courtesy of the as stumbled on by @Tobias.

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Holding it down for Friendica in STL! :-)

Deeply disturbing... LinkedIn offers free consultation on how to self-censor your Profile to pass CCP regulations.

I woke up this morning to discover that LinkedIn had blocked my profile in China.

I used to have to wait for Chinese govt censors, or censors employed by Chinese companies in China, to do this kind of thing.

Now a US company is paying its own employees to censor Americans.

'We will work with you to minimize the impact and can review your profile’s accessibility within China if you update the Summary section of your profile.' [sic.]

Weighed down by too many virtual meetings, feeling being micromanaged and working endless additional hours... Here a way out 👉

Well,'s been real.


Today is not just the first day of fall. It is also 2 years since @wikileaks publisher Julian #Assange has been held on remand at Belmarsh high security prison. We indeed live in very important times - and we miss your courageous voice. La lotta continua.

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I made an adaption of the famous drawing
A drawing of a road crossing in a city. There are people on the sidewalks. Where you would expect a road there is an abyss in this image, a pedestrian crossing has a long board of wood cross the abyss. 
In this edit of the image on the sidewalks there aren't just people but there are 6 lime e-scooters parking as well in the typical scattered manner.

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I keep thinking about this ever since a blind friend told me how terrible it was when people left their bicycles on the sidewalk because his cane would catch in the spokes and break. Those canes were very expensive, and very personal tools. That was many, many years ago.
wow yeah that sucks. I believe that even for people who rely on their vision these scooters in the middle of the sidewalk are a break in a conversation, a thought and so on. It is distracting if you have to walk around these things all the time.
I would be annoyed if personal bicycles would be in the way on a sidewalk a lot, but I don't see that too much here. It's rare that I (not blind though) have to walk around bikes.
in England people ride their bikes on the sidewalk (even adults) but thats understandable for their own safety due to cars parked either side of the road and drivers intimidating cyclists for "holding up traffic". Hire bikes or scooters are rare in this town; there are both in Cambridge but there seems to be some regulations about where they can be left so they don't get in the way too much (although they do take a bite out of existing bike parking spaces)
In Finland it's common to park your bike on sidewalk, because many times there simply isn't any other place to park them.

There are photos of Finnish main streets from the 1950s where bikes are casually parked on the edge of drive lanes, but then ”something happened” (read: all space was allocated to cars) and nowadays nobody would ever dream of parking there.
:flan_thumbs: ...shows pretty well how much of an invasion into public space that trash is.