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Note on Logos: Some Philosophical Points

Let’s assume heterogeneity, decentralization, and fractionality are key aspects of contemporary networks of communication.

Before exploring this further, I’d like to begin with an excursus on a well known "logo" — the flag of a fictional interstellar federal republic in the Star Trek media franchise — the United Federation of Planets, usually referred to as the Federation.


What we see in its core, we might call a cartographic snapshot frozen in time; it’s a map of the stars showing us a location in the Alpha Quadrant. Indeed networks (of planets, stars, or alliances) could be represented like this, especially when they demarcate a territory. It has a centre and a periphery that is neatly encircled, supposedly dividing the outside form the inside, the metaphorical non-borg from the Otherness of Borg. While delineating fort... show more
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