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#Test post with random picture of people praying at a shrine in the city centre.

We're now running on loglevel 'notice' with the latest develop code that uses the monolog framework. PR #6303 must have made a difference. The memory buffer so far seems within normal parameters.

Please reply to generate some activity on this #Friendica node.


Sadly, the post went only out --after I switched back to a lower loglevel-- after waiting for one hour.


About 50 new posts from the wider networks coming in after reboot. Some of these posts are more than 12 hours old.

$ git reset --hard 09222661e4ea309d62c6edb013ddd635abe5d962

Bummer... Test continuous to rule out false positives. 😀

Reply from D* (

Do you mean via the admin panel? If so, yes I did this initial two days ago, but only briefly.

I'm currently just trying to rule out --with the reset-- that it's nothing else on my side. Tomorrow, I'll forward again and observe what happens when totally turned off. I will also check if the legacy levels work this time.

It's not a problem, I'm sure Phillip and you will find an adequate solutions somehow.

lol... love the IT crowd
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