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I'm eating this "fake meat" from time to time. In my local supermarket there is a great variety of vegan gyros, vegan kebab, vegan pulled meat, ... AFAIK their content normally doesn't contain anything that is harmful or is suspected to be harmful. Especially in combination with the rest of the meal the taste and texture is really okay. Also the CO2 footprint is much lower.
@Michael Vogel @Hank G β˜‘οΈ I went for lunch at a vegan restaurant today. On this menu the green leaf next to some dishes means "no fake meat". πŸ˜ƒ
For contrast, tonight's dinner restaurant is so Chinese that when you order braised beancurd and eggplant it comes with minced meat implied. 🀣
Are you ready for #vegan lamb?


I'd rather have many different vegetables than processed food.