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I'm trying to run a bigbluebutton server through a reverse proxy in a NAT! I think I'm pushing the envelope quite a bit; finding myself struggling in this experimental territory with my rudimentary network admin skills.
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Yep, all ports are forwarded directly to the dedicated bbb server, except 80 and 443 which go through a reverse proxy.

Everything is up and running, but fails at the point of initiating audio and video connections. I checked the UDP ports from outside with netcat and get straight through to the bbb server.

My hunch is that I haven't set up properly the additional coturn server that is recommend for various reasons. I'm now out of time, but will give it another blast soon.

Getting Nginx to run as reverse proxy was a bit fiddly in the beginning but I found helpful unofficial documentation for this bbb scenario. Setting up the Greenlight UI for the server via docker was plain sailing.