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Another #test post for @˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ Let's see what arrives at mastodon and elsewhere from this #friendica node.


There should be an image visible in the above post. ^^

@andy nope! shall we file some bug reports!?

There is - it takes a few seconds to appear on feed

shall we file some bug reports!?

Yes, possibly related to mastodon. Not sure, @˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗

@andy must have something to do with your privacy settings on your user account. I can't see your profile even on

I can't see your profile even on

Yes, that's correct. (This open node doesn't have public access to profiles, due to legal concern regarding to it's geographic location with its draconian laws).

I'm not sure the privacy setting is related to the photo not showing, because you can see they the thread and other photos in it. I suspect it's a bug. Everything shows up on diaspora.

@Andy H3 - its on public stream on diaspora - hope that helps your test 😀 (no edit to correct spelling)

Thanks! Very helpful.