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I did a thing!

Made another raised bed to put in the yard. This one is going to grow lots of lettuce and other greens...hopefully. :-)

Are you familiar with the practice of putting woody debris in the bottom? It helps cut down on the amount of soil you need, and it also helps the bed retain moisture.
@Brian Ó Hadn’t heard of that but that makes sense!
Yes put tree branches and small log at the bottom . On top of that you can put a layer of straw; the rest fill up with compost.
and it was a good thing you did....I should do something like that.
@Kenny Chaffin Even with just a 1:1 mixture of compost:manure, most things did pretty well. Unfortunately we underestimated the affinity for a squash plant we started from a store-bought squash seed for the bed, it ended up dominating everything else:

:) Yep! :)