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Today's quiz, please answer accordingly.
2021-02-01 01:33:10

Name a country where the military is in charge that isn't a failed or highly dysfunctional state?
Full points for effort @Noam Bergman ! Lol

A populist and socially conservative president taking complete control of the executive and systematically eroding the judicial system...
Hmm, not normally understood as military dictatorship; though moving closely to a highly dysfunctional state.
You could argue dysfunctional for most countries in the world, probably. Turkey has the weird history of the military stepping in to secure democracy...
Yep, (sadly) the UK would be an example of a dysfunctional state.

I think, you're right Turkey is a good case where the (secular) military has played a crucial role in opposing a dictator. I don't know if Turkey would look less like a dysfunctional state had the military coup d'état in July 2016 been successful.